9 February 2010
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“It is just awesome, PennSERVE treasurer Kayla Gatto said. “It’s always gives you a good feeling to be able to help those in need.” Along with the drive, a generous donation was collected by the student body which will be given to the Family to Family program. PrepWhen the Larkin Center was torn down four years ago, it left no gymnasium for the annual ‘Freshmen Intramurals’ for the Class of 2010.

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The bird was first sighted on 18th June by local farmer Nauto Sergio de Oliveira. On the following day, his neighbour Lourdes Oliveira and daughter Damilys woke up before dawn to look for the macaw in Barra Grande creek’s riparian forest. At 6:20 AM they found and filmed it.

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Her first EP “The Love Club EP” was released in March 2013 with no major marketing or publicity, but it managed to land her at 1 on the New Zealand Album Chart. Single “Royals” simultaneously occupied the top spot in the singles chart without so much as a video on YouTube. In August 2013, she became the first woman to top the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in the United States since Tracy Bonham did so in 1996.

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