Some businesses after experiencing growth will expand and possibly diversify their operations. Due to this diversification and expansion some businesses would acquire other profitable businesses. Once acquired the different companies collectively for a group. The collective accounting for this group becomes very complex and more often than not is not every ones expertise. How a group is structured can have significant tax implications on the companies of that group. Our professionals have been advising a number of our clients on how to structure their business group so as to be of maximum benefit to the owners.

Whether you are starting off a business or require financing from a lender, a good business plan will go a long way in helping you out. Our firm would advise you as to what a good business plan contains and can even make one out for you.

There maybe a requirement for some larger companies, where ownership is separate from operations, to carry out financial monitoring. As these companies would not come under the requirement of a statutory audit they will need to be monitored outside the scope of audit. Under financial monitoring budgets for income and expenditure are compared with actual results and a report is provided to the funders.