As the volume of a business grows and the customer base expands it increases the volume of activity and transactions which needs to be recorded in an orderly manner meeting with the requirements of the HM Revenue & Customs and International Accounting Directives and Standards.

An audit could be carried out as a requirement of statute or by the shareholders where there is separation between ownership and management. Generally audited accounts are thought to be more reliable by Creditors and other stakeholders.

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Some businesses after experiencing growth will expand and possibly diversify their operations. Due to this diversification and expansion some businesses would acquire other profitable businesses. Once acquired the different companies collectively for a group. The collective accounting for this group becomes very complex and more often than not is not every ones expertise. How a group is structured can have significant tax implications on the companies of that group. Our professionals have been advising a number of our clients on how to structure their business group so as to be of maximum benefit to the owners.