As the volume of a business grows and the customer base expands it increases the volume of activity and transactions which needs to be recorded in an orderly manner meeting with the requirements of the HM Revenue & Customs and International Accounting Directives and Standards.

The firm realises the limitations of small expanding businesses that do not have the resources to employ a full time Bookkeeper or having enough work to keep him occupied. The Proprietor or Director is totally committed in administration, marketing & selling which may be his expertise and this is where our firm will step in to provide bookkeeping. We can provide an effective Bookkeeping Bureau Service to comply with all legislations and provide all important management support.

It is the requirement under law that every year a company has to submit its accounts to the Registrar of Companies and to the HMRC. Unlike sole trader accounts company accounts are available for inspection by any member of the public. It is therefore important for the reputation of a company that its accounts are correctly made and submitted. These accounts could be of use to bank, potential customers and the tax authorities. With our years of experience we ensure that the accounts are made in accordance with the company laws applicable at the time.

Businesses who are keen to improve and would like to know more about their performance, for them we prepare detailed management accounts which enable them to take more informed decisions based on those accounts. This will ensure that the business is going in the right direction and will continue to do so in the future.

As a business grows in size the accounting function evolves from being a basic legal bookkeeping requirement to one which will be more detailed and tailored to the needs of a business and its activities and necessary in the major decision making process of the business.

With the exception of large companies, for all other businesses to maintain a payroll system is beyond their means. Keeping track of all the HMRC deadlines, changes in PAYE and NI legislation is not the ideal way business people would want to be spending their time. We can handle all of your payroll needs in a very flexible manner. All you will have to do is give us the figures and we will take care of the rest for you.

If you are a VAT registered business or expect to cross the VAT threshold in the coming year then you will need to maintain and submit VAT returns quarterly or monthly. Getting the VAT account wrong, will not only cost your business directly in paying more to the revenue, but can also end up costing you in terms of penalties and tax inquiries. It is vital that you get the VAT account right.